Texas Back Institute performs first minimally invasive case with DeGen’s E3 MIS system

Degen Medical's E3 MIS pedicle screw system
Degen Medical’s E3 MIS pedicle screw system

DeGen Medical has announced the first implant of the E3 MIS pedicle screw system at Texas Back Institute in Plano, USA. The minimally invasive procedure was recently performed by Peter Derman, a minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgeon at the Texas Back Institute.

“Minimally invasive spine surgery accomplishes the same goals as traditional spine surgery via smaller incisions and is friendlier to the soft tissues that help support the spine,” said Derman. “As a result, patients typically experience less pain, shorter hospital stays, and a quicker recovery. The E3 MIS pedicle screw system is well suited for such minimally invasive techniques. It features a number of design elements that allow for efficient placement of posterior instrumentation via truly percutaneous means. These include an extremely low-profile screw tower and rod passing device as well as a counter torque that engages within rather than on the outside of the towers.”

According to DeGen Medical the E3 MIS system allows surgeons three different MIS towers to choose from inter-operatively in a two-tray configuration. The E3 MIS system also features several titanium alloy and cobalt-chrome modular screw head options, including MIS and Spondy, four different options for percutaneous rod insertion and MIS towers ranging from 11mm to 16mm in diameter.


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