Tim Pigott

A consultant neurosurgeon and the current president of EUROSPINE, Tim Pigott talks to Spinal News International about his career so far. Outside of his...

Ronald Bartels

A clinical professor of neurosurgery, Ronald Bartels talks to Spinal News International about his career. From his days at medical school to his appointment...

Matthew Scott-Young

As the incoming president of the Spine Society of Australia, Matthew Scott-Young details how his experience as an Emergency Department intern sparked a life-long...

Donna Ohnmeiss

A self-described “long-shot” and in the first generation of her family to attend university, Donna Ohnmeiss speaks to Spinal News International about why she chose...
Frank Kandziora

Frank Kandziora

Once an aspiring architect, Frank Kandziora has never looked back from the medical profession since being assigned a medical assistant during his military service...

Raja Rampersaud

An advocate for interprofessional models of care for spine and musculoskeletal disorders, Raja Rampersaud is a spine surgeon globally recognised as a leader and innovator...

Charles Fisher

Charles Fisher (University of British Columbia, Canada) was honoured in 2016 as one of the top 28 spine surgeons in North America, a highlight...

Shay Bess

Founder and president of the International Spine Study Group Foundation, Shay Bess credits the friendships and research opportunities he has had through his career...
Profile: Todd Wetzel

Todd Wetzel

As his term as NASS president comes to a close, Spinal News International caught up with Todd Wetzel to discuss his career to date,...

Keith DK Luk

Keith KD Luk converted his childhood love of handiwork into a medical degree and numerous fellowships, eventually specialising in spinal surgery. Over his career,...

Lisa Ferrara

Intending to become a cardiac surgeon, Lisa Ferrara began her career as a biology student in Bridgewater, USA. A lecture on future technologies and...

Scott Blumenthal

Scott Blumenthal (Plano, USA) is best known as the first surgeon to perform an artificial disc replacement in the USA. His pioneering research into...

Christopher Bono

Christopher Bono’s interest in surgery was piqued after watching live operations on television as a teenager. After training and working in New York, USA,...

Virginie Lafage

Virginie Lafage entered the world of spinal research by chance, after an engineering project drove her to a biomechanics lab in Paris, France. Since...

Marek Szpalski

Inspired by Alexander Fleming, Marek Szpalski wanted to become a medical researcher. After becoming disillusioned with a life in the laboratory, he embarked on...

Robert Gunzburg

Robert Gunzburg followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in becoming a doctor. Breaking with the family tradition of rheumatology, Gunzburg decided to specialise in spinal medicine. He told Spinal News International about his path to and what he has learned from his journey so far.

Hyun Bae

Hyun Bae began his medical studies at Columbia University, where he graduated with a degree in biomechanics. Having interacted with numerous medical students in Columbia's orthopaedics lab, he decided that orthopaedic medicine was the career path he wanted to follow.

Michael Fehlings

Michael Fehlings was encouraged to enter the medical profession by his grandfather. He cites the intellectual and technical challenges of neuroscience and precise surgery combined with the ability to help individuals as his role's most appealing aspects.

Heidi Prather

Heidi Prather was appointed President of the North American Spine Society (NASS) at its most recent Annual Meeting in November 2014. She spoke to Spinal News International about her career to date and the goals of her presidential term.

William C Watters III

Initially intending to do a PhD in psychology, William C Watters III (clinical associate professor, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch, Houston, USA) switched to medicine when he realised he wanted greater exposure to clinical problems.

Lori Karol

Lori Karol, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Dallas, USA, talks to Spinal News International about the importance of personally managing the care of a child with scoliosis and the rewards of helping patients with scoliosis to lead fulfilling lives.

Luiz Pimenta

Luiz Pimenta, immediate past president of the International Society for the Advancement of Spinal Surgery (ISASS) talks to Spinal News International about the development of minimally invasive surgery and his achievements as president of ISASS.

Frank Schwab

Frank Schwab (chief of the Spinal Deformity Service, Division of Spine Surgery, New York University, New York, USA) talks to Spinal News International about his work with the Spine Deformity Study Group (SDSG), the ISSG, and why he believes the multicentre approach to be the most important development in spinal surgery.

Philip Sell

Philip Sell, consultant orthopaedic and spinal surgeon, University Hospitals of Leicester and Queens Medical Centre Nottingham (UK), is the 2013-14 president of EuroSpine. He spoke to Spinal News International about his career highlights and the key themes of this year's EuroSpine meeting (2-4 October, Liverpool, UK).

Steven D Glassman

Steven D Glassman is the president-elect of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS). He talked to Spinal News International about his goals for the SRS, why he thinks the evolution of neuromonitoring has dramatically changed spinal surgery, and his current research interests.

Jack Zigler

Jack Zigler is the medical director of the Texas Back Institute, Plano, USA, and is the associate editor of the International Journal of Spine Surgery. He spoke to Spinal News International about his career achievements and research interests.

Hee Kit Wong

Hee Kit Wong is on the board of directors for the International Society for the Advancement of Spinal Surgery (ISASS) and was recently awarded the Singapore National Outstanding Clinician Award for his contribution to the development of spinal surgery in Singapore. He spoke to Spinal News International about his career and the need to accurately image pain.

Michael Heggeness

Michael Heggeness, 2011-2012 president of the North American Spine Society (NASS), talked to Spinal News International about the highlights of his career, his current research in tissue engineering of bone and the key themes for this year's NASS meeting.

Christopher Shaffrey

Christopher Shaffrey, Harrison distinguished professor, Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA, is the chair of this year's International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST, 18-21 July, Istanbul, Turkey). He talked to Spinal News International about his career and the key themes of IMAST 2012

Ciaran Bolger

Ciaran Bolger, professor of Clinical Neuroscience at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, is the immediate past president of Eurospine. He talked to Spinal News International about his career in spinal surgery and becoming the first Irish astronaut.

Steven Garfin

Steven Garfin, incoming president of the International Society for the Advancement for Spine Surgery (ISASS), talked to Spinal News International about his involvement in the design of new techniques for the management of spinal deformities, his most memorable cases in spinal surgery and his goals as president of the ISASS.

Jeffrey Goldstein

Listed in Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Jeffrey Goldstein, clinical professor of orthopaedic surgery, New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York, USA, has had an impressive career "his extensive achievements range from developing a unique surface morphology to helping a man with a fractured spine walk again in addition to being a first responder during 9/11.

Kieran Murphy

A prolific inventor who has practiced medicine in different parts of the world, a keen driver of racing cars and an editor of a best-selling text-book on image-guided therapy, Kieran Murphy is a physician of many parts. He told Spinal News International how interventional neuroradiology has now became "legit" and about his three favourite inventions.

Jean-Charles Le Huec

Jean-Charles Le Huec, chief of the spine unit and chair of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology at the Bordeaux University Hospital, Bordeaux, France, spoke to Spinal News International about the people who have supported his work and new projects he is involved with as incoming president of SAS-The International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery.

Jeffrey Wang

Jeffrey Wang, chairman of the Global Spine Congress 2011, speaks to Spinal News International about the profound influence his father had on his philosophy and how basic science can help unravel some of the mysterious secrets of the spine.

Federico Balagué

Federico Balagué, current president of Eurospine, tells Spinal News International how he became a spine specialist.

Ray Baker – Profile

Ray Baker, president of the North American Spine Society tells Spinal News International that in this age of austerity, new treatments must be better and less costly at the same time.

Hans-Joachim Wilke

Eurospine president speaks to Spinal News International about what sparked his interest in medicine, discovering potential in the field of spine research and setting up the Grammer award.

Thomas J Errico

Thomas J Errico tells Spinal News International how a large part of his fascination for work comes from the challenges associated with sometimes completely changing the "shape" of a person.

Lawrence Lenke

Lawrence Lenke, the man behind the Lenke system of classification, tells Spinal News International about how fortunate he feels to be able to limit his practice exclusively to treating patients of any age with spinal deformity

Karin Buettner-Janz

When a young Olympic gold-winning gymnast turned to medicine to specialise in orthopaedics, she never foresaw that one day, she would help develop the world's first total disc replacement, and forever change the standard of spine surgery. Karin Buettner-Janz, outgoing president of Spine Arthroplasty Society (SAS), told Spinal News International about her journey.

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Charles Branch

Tim Pigott

Ronald Bartels

Matthew Scott-Young