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First patient enrolled in clinical study of Fortilink interbody fusion device

It was recently announced that RTI Surgical has enrolled the first patient in its "Clinical evaluation of Fortilink interbody fusion device with TETRAfuse 3D technology...


Expanding access to surgery on a global scale

Universal health is a top priority at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Centre in New York, USA. Their global neurosurgery programme, a collaborative...

Non-specific low back pain: Returning to the Dark Ages

While non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) is a common diagnosis, Tim Germon (Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK) argues that most low back pain is in...


Level 1 evidence, presented at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, demonstrates that i-FACTOR peptide enhanced bone graft results in significantly higher rates of fusion in uninstrumented lumbar spinal surgery than does the use of allograft. Michael Jacobsen (Middelfart, Denmark) spoke...

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Frank Kandziora

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