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Nanomedicine may help deliver targeted therapy for spinal cord injury

Researchers in Italy have demonstrated that an innovative nanovector (nanogel)—which they developed—is able to deliver anti-inflammatory drugs in a targeted manner into glial cells actively involved...


Variability in early surgery for acute cervical spinal cord injury patients

Following their recent publication in the Journal of Neurotrauma—which identified variability across acute cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) patients undergoing early surgery—several study authors...

Intraoperative imaging and AI in spinal deformity surgery: opportunity awaits

In a guest piece for Spinal News International, Tommy Carls (Memphis, USA) outlines the potential offered by the continued growth of intraoperative imaging and...


 Michael Fehlings (Toronto, Canada) talks to Spinal News International at DWG-Kongress (7–9 December 2022; Berlin, Germany) about the “dramatic shift” over the past 25 years in the management and outcomes of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients. “Time is spine” is an important...

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