Spine Wave launches Defender anterior cervical plate and Stronghold C 3D titanium interbody device


Spine Wave has announced the launch of both the Defender anterior cervical plate and the Stronghold C 3D titanium interbody device featuring TiCell 3D advanced surface technology.

The Defender anterior cervical plate is a titanium plate and screw system that provides fixation for anterior cervical fusion procedures. It offers fixed and variable angle screws in a dual-lead thread design in multiple diameters with a range of lengths, and in both self-drilling and self-tapping designs.

It has a dual-cam locking mechanism that secures both screws at each level in one step and is also designed with large graft windows to provide direct visualisation during the procedure and to facilitate radiographic visualisation after the procedure.

The Stronghold C 3D titanium interbody device is a cervical interbody fusion implant manufactured using 3D printing methods to produce what Spine Wave say is a unique surface that is designed to optimise the implant’s interface with bone.

The device comes in a range of sizes and the surface technology featured on the implant is characterised by a dual layer of interconnected pores. This interconnected porous structure is constructed in a lattice intended to mimic the organic structure of cancellous bone and provide a rough surface to strengthen the interface between implant and bone.

Julio Petilon, an orthopaedic spine surgeon practicing with Atlanta Bone and Joint Specialists (Atlanta, Georgia), said: “Defender anterior cervical plate together with Stronghold C 3D titanium interbody device is a great alternative for my anterior cervical fusions. The Defender comprehensively meets my clinical needs and I use it with confidence because the dual-cam locking mechanism is secure and easy to use.

“Importantly, the same screwdriver is used to insert and lock the bone screws and that can save time in my procedures. The TiCell 3D advanced surface technology featured on Stronghold implants is designed to provide an excellent setting to achieve fusion.”

Laine Mashburn, Spine Wave’s executive vice president for global marketing and business development, added: “Spine Wave is executing its plan to become a full line spine company and a preferred choice for spine surgeons and spine distributors.

“The Defender anterior cervical plate and the Stronghold C 3D titanium interbody device each address important market segments with advanced technology and appealing features. Our cervical fusion portfolio has never been so well positioned and capable of driving new growth for Spine Wave.”


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