Patents filed for use of immune cell-stimulated angiogenesis as low back pain treatment


Creative Medical Technology has announced the filing of intellectual property covering data supporting the use of immune system cells for stimulation of perispinal angiogenesis as a means of treating patients with lower back pain, as well as supporting intradiscal stem cell administration in patients suffering from degenerative disc disease.

The two patent applications cover the novel use of cells, conventionally known as immune system cells, to stimulate formation of new blood vessels, a process termed angiogenesis.  Several studies support the notion that some patients suffering from lower back pain exhibit a reduction in blood flow to the lower back area. According to a press release, Creative Medical has data supporting the use of immune cells from both the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system for stimulation of new blood vessel formation, which is believed to be beneficial for overcoming circulation defects in patients with lower back pain.

While numerous companies are currently injecting regenerative stem cells into the disc, Creative Medical believes that due to intrinsic circulation abnormalities in the disc, these cells will not function optimally. The company believes that initial correction of circulation defects in the area around the spine will increase efficacy of numerous existing cellular therapies.

“It is becoming more and more clear that immune system cells not only play a role in protection from disease but also possess various physiological functions,” says Thomas Ichim, chief scientific officer of the company.  “The findings that we can leverage cells from both arms of the immune system, innate and adaptive, to triggering formation of new blood vessels, we hope will add to our increasing intellectual property portfolio covering ways of treating lower back pain using natural and cell based therapeutics.”


  1. It is very stimulating and promising to learn about the impending use of autologous stem cell injections for the treatment of the degenerated discs. Can you throw more light on the possible use of same for spinal cord injury treatment. What is the current state in the treatment of old spinal cord injuries?

  2. Will angiogenesis occur using low level light therapy? There is an organization in Virginia who used the term “angiogenesis” during a free consultation for relief from my chronic back pain. I had no idea of the angiogenesis definition until I searched and then stumbled upon this article.


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