Nexus Spine announces full commercial launch of PressON posterior lumbar fixation system

PressON posterior lumbar fixation system (Nexus Spine)

Nexus Spine has announced the full commercial launch of its PressON posterior lumbar fixation system which features rods that press onto pedicle screws rather than attach using set screws.

This novel design is approximately one quarter the size of traditional systems and, according to the company, is faster to implant, is biomechanically stronger, eliminates the possibility of set screw loosening, and allows for intraoperative construction of patient-specific rods.

Thomas Sweeney II (Kansas, USA), the surgeon designer of the system, said: “There hasn’t been meaningful innovation in non-deformity posterior fixation technologies in a very long time. PressON is unlike anything else on the market in the way that the components are connected.

“Not only does it result in a construct that is smaller, stronger, and faster to implant, but it is also unique in its ability to create patient-specific multilevel rods intraoperatively. As a result, it eliminates the need for rod bending and the pain associated with improperly bent rods and rod creep. PressON is uniquely poised to disrupt the posterior lumbar fixation market that has long been mired by a lack of differentiation.”

David Hawkes, president of Nexus Spine, added: “Our expertise in compliant mechanism engineering allows us to do some really unique things. The ability to secure PressON rods through elastic interference rather than using set screws is certainly a paradigm shift.

“We are in the process of shining a light on the incidence and harmful effects1 of set screw loosening through clinical and benchtop research. We look forward to sharing the results of these studies soon.”



1. Serhan H, Hammerberg K, O’Neil M, et al. Intraoperative Techniques to Reduce the Potential of Set-screw Loosening in Long Spinal Constructs. Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques. 2010;23(7):e31-e36.


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