Medacta introduces MectaLIF Anterior Hybrid configuration


Medacta International has introduced the MectaLIF Anterior Hybrid interbody fusion device, which was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2017.

The MectaLIF family of cages is designed to provide enhanced in situ stability, restoration of the native disc space height and lordosis, and long-term maintenance of the spinal balance.

With the addition of the new hybrid configuration, the MectaLIF product line will now offer four different configurations (hybrid, anterior flush, anterior long, and anterior L5-S1), three footprints, two materials (PEEK or Titanium-coated PEEK), and hyperlordotic 20-degree cage options, intended to allow surgeons to target any patient-specific abnormalities they may encounter.

The company has also announced that the FDA has cleared the hyper lordotic option and a 40x30mm footprint.


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