Genesys Spine announces first patients enrolled in the SIros lateral sacroiliac joint fusion study


Genesys Spine has announced that the first two patients have been enrolled in the prospective SIros lateral sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion study. Tyler Ptacek (Rapid City, USA) and Douglas Beall (Oklahoma City, USA) were the first physicians in the study—which will be conducted across four centres in the USA—to enrol patients.

Meredith Gavlick, Genesys Spine’s chief strategy officer, SI fusion, said: “We are thrilled to announce the enrolment of the first patients in the SIros SI fusion study. The SIros system transfixes and stabilises the SI joint to relieve pain and we are confident it will be the preferred lateral solution.

“It is exciting to become part of the limited group of companies that have data to support the lateral SI joint fusion procedure. We are working with Talosix, our research partner and a leader in real world evidence, to conduct this study and anticipate presentation of the data in 2023.”

“A couple of years ago, I incorporated the SIros system into my practice as a solution for SI joint pain. Not only have I been impressed with my patient outcomes, but I am also confident the results of this study will reinforce what I have seen first-hand,” added Ptacek.

The SIros sacroiliac joint fusion system is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including degenerative sacroiliitis and sacroiliac joint disruption. The system consists of 3D-printed implants designed to transfix the sacroiliac joint and minimise micromotion to enable bony fusion.

“Up to 25% of low back pain patients experience sacroiliac joint pain. Being able to treat these patients with a reliable transfixing implant coupled with the flexibility to tailor the procedure to my patient population has been paramount. I am proud to be able to offer it to my patients who are suffering from SI joint pain,” commented Beall.


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