Altus Spine agrees private label partnership with Nanovis Spine

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Altus Spine has announced a private label partnership with Nanovis Spine to further strengthen and expand their bioceramic nanotube surface technologies throughout their portfolio.

A subsidiary of Nanovis, Nanovis Spine chose to private label the Altus Spine pedicle screw systems as a foundation to commercialise Nano FortiFix, a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designated and cleared nanotechnology pedicle screw system.

A total of three systems have been made available as the result of this partnership—Nano FortFix cortical, Nano FortiFix standard, and Nano FortiFix minimally invasive (MIS).

Jeff Shepherd, chief commercial officer at Nanovis, said: “Nanovis Spine is excited to be working with Altus Spine and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with a great company, team, and system to commercialise our Nano FortiFix pedicle screw systems.

“As the result of launching Nano FortiFix in Q3 2021, Nanovis Spine has achieved a record sales month, a record sales quarter, and is on pace to achieve a record sales year.  Nano FortiFix has been the leading revenue product for Nanovis Spine since our launch and we are gaining new surgeon, distributor, and hospital customers each month because of the nanotechnology designation, data, and meaningful differentiation on pedicle screws.”

Michael Fitzgerald, Altus Spine founder and CEO, added: “Our team is thrilled to partner with such an innovative company that is utilising our pedicle screw systems to expand on the surface capabilities. This partnership is a huge step in the continual expansion using the latest technologies in unique surface architectures for medical devices—a game-changer when it comes to safely accelerating fixation.”


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