New cervical fusion implant system launched


According to a company press release, the new PL-AGE system offers a translational design and textured surface for surgical flexibility and efficiency as well as an environment that promotes fusion. The press release added that the PL-AGE is available in a comprehensive size range with a wide selection of instrumentation for intra-operative flexibility.

The PL-AGE implant has an all-in-one implant design that combines low-profile tabs with a titanium cage for ease in insertion and multiple insertion options to accommodate intra-operative flexibility and surgeon preference. The slotted screw hole design of the PL-AGE implant allows for various screw placement positions for both semi-constrained and translational functionality and cranial/caudal and medial/lateral screw angulations. The design allows for quick placement and locking of the bone screw with a visual and tactile locking verification.

The PL-AGE implant has a textured surface that provides immediate mechanical fixation and reduces the opportunity for implant migration. The PL-AGE implant promotes natural BMP release induced via direct bone contact with the roughened titanium surface. The PL-AGE features a large graft window for packing autogenous bone and the dynamic construct capabilities provides a means for continuous graft loading as well as up to 3 mm of settling via the slotted screw holes.

The PL-AGE Anterior Cervical Fusion System is available in a comprehensive size range with multiple implant footprints to accommodate varying patient anatomy. Self-drilling/self-tapping and self-tapping screws are available in two sizes and four lengths.

The PL-AGE implant was designed by Fred H Geisler of the Chicago Back Institute at Swedish Covenant Hospital. He said, “The PL-AGE implant is the only truly dynamic translational stand alone cervical stabilization device that incorporates the superior mechanical benefits of dynamic stabilisation, learned from clinical experience with dynamic cervical plates. Contact between the rough textured titanium surface of the PL-AGE implant cage and the endplates, along with the generous bone graft window, provides an optimal osteogenic environment.  This rough textured surface also provides immediate mechanical stability, making screw insertion safe, fast and accurate.  Furthermore, the PL-AGE screw insertion does not damage the vertebral endplates with screw holes, as occurs with other stand alone devices, since the PL-AGE screws are inserted in standard ACDF plate trajectories through dynamic slots in two small tabs lying on the anterior vertebral body cortex.  These two small tabs also effectively block the PL-AGE from rotation and angled subluxation during the normal healing of the arthrodesis into a mature cervical fusion. Thus, the PL-AGE incorporates the best mechanical and osteogenic features learned over the last 25 years for efficacy, speed and safety – all combined in one implant.”