Medtronic announces launch of the CD Horizon Solera spinal system


Continuing a stream of recent advancements for stabilisation of the spine, Medtronic announced the release of its CD Horizon Solera spinal system in the USA and a limited market release in Japan. This product launch is part of the CD Horizon family of fixation devices, designed to provide spinal stabilisation and correction as an adjunct to fusion in patients suffering from painful and function-limiting disorders of the middle and lower back.

The CD Horizon Solera spinal system is designed to be compatible with Medtronic’s proprietary minimally invasive technologies, known as Mast. It is also integrated with Medtronic’s surgical navigation and imaging systems and the Nim-Eclipse neuromonitoring system. This allows for decreased exposure to radiation for hospital staff, and improved accuracy of device placement to avoid injury to nerves.


The system accommodates multiple rod material options, allowing choice in rod flexibility and strength to match the demands of a variety of spinal conditions. Additionally, smaller implants may provide the advantages of increased room for bone graft required for fusion, and reduced impingement on the facet joints.


In addition, Medtronic is working to improve patient care and hospital efficiencies by offering a complete solution for electronically tracking specific implants to individual patients. The spinal system implants are equipped with Verify implant tracking system technology, which is similar to barcode technology, and provides device quality and utilisation-related data for customers in a manner that meets anticipated FDA requirements for unique device identification (UDI).

“The launch of the CD Horizon Solera spinal system is a key step in renewing our global fixation business, bringing new innovation to the market and extending our industry-leading portfolio of spinal therapies,” said Doug King, vice president and general manager of the Spine business at Medtronic. “This launch builds on other recent advances in spinal fixation, including the releases of the Vertex Select reconstruction system and the TSRH 3Dx spinal system, and serves as a foundation enabling Medtronic to continue to deliver meaningful advances in spine care.”