Medtronic announces launch of Divergence standalone interbody cage


Medtronic has announced the launch of the Divergence standalone interbody cage. This device is now commercially available for the treatment of anterior cervical interbody fusion procedures in skeletally mature patients with cervical disc disease at one level from the C2–C3 disc to the C7–T1 disc. The announcement was made during the 83rd annual meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) (2–6 May, Washington, DC, USA).

The Divergence standalone interbody cage represents Medtronic’s latest technology for anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (ACDF) procedures. It features an all-in-one fusion device with internal screw fixation, allowing for maximum distance from the adjacent level disc. A company press release states that literature shows that maximising that distance may lower the incidence of adjacent level ossification development or bone growth next to the treated level. This device also incorporates divergent screw technique, which reduces retraction and incision.

Additionally, the Divergence screws feature a cortical cancellous thread design to help maximise bone screw purchase and both straight and angled instrumentation.

“Divergence offers an elegant surgical solution for a variety of cases, even for patients whose anatomy is unfavourable for the use of standard plate and screws, said Jean-Pierre Mobasser of the Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine Institute in Indianapolis, USA. The Divergence cage’s internal screw fixation and wide array of size options provide a versatile solution for surgeons. Unique, divergently angled screws and angled instrumentation also help to minimise incision and exposure.”