Medicrea launches lifetime warranty for patient-specific UNiD rods

Medicrea UNiD rods
Medicrea UNiD rods

Medicrea has implemented a lifetime warranty on its patient-specific UNiD technology. The warranty covers all UNiD thoracolumbar rods, UNiD cervical rods and all associated Medicrea components implanted in the USA from November 1, 2016.

Denys Sournac, president and chief executive officer, says, “While we know scientifically that sagittal alignment is linked to patient outcomes, our experience with UNiD has shown that applying the correct alignment to the rod, using proprietary digital analysis organisation that we have developed, may also be directly linked to a reduction in surgical complications such as mechanical failures and revision rate—something that was previously only theorised.”

The UNiD lifetime warranty is offered as an affiliated benefit of the UNiD Lab Premier service, which includes a real-time support team of biomechanical engineers supporting all pre-operative planning and post-operative analytical services. Medicrea is to extend this warranty to all countries using UNiD technology.