Mazor Robotics enters US spine ambulatory surgery centre market with the Renaissance system


Mazor Robotics announced a purchase agreement with NSH Michigan to install the Renaissance system at NSH Michigan’s affiliate, the Lakes Surgery Center, in West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA. The Renaissance system was recently launched as the new generation of Mazor Robotics guidance systems. 

According to a company press release this is the first Renaissance system installed in an ambulatory surgery centre, up to now the system has been used by leading US hospitals specialising in spine surgery. According to National Health Statistic Reports, more than 300,000 people in the USA seek surgery annually for relief from chronic back pain resulting from spinal disc diseases, including herniations and protrusions. Common spine procedures such as endoscopic discectomy are typically performed in spine surgery centres while other procedures such as spinal fusion are usually performed in hospitals. With new technology like the Renaissance system, more cases can be performed on an out-patient basis with minimal recovery time.

“Our clinical experiences with Mazor Robotics’ technology, including examination of numerous peer-reviewed studies and hands-on demonstrations, has convinced us to add Renaissance to our surgical programme,” said Jennifer Butterfield, CEO of Lakes Surgery Center. “We believe that Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance system will differentiate our facility by enabling us to raise the level of patient care, for spinal endoscopy as well as for other spine procedures.”

“Many of my spine surgery referrals are for spinal endoscopy procedures,” said Kevin Lee, neurosurgeon and pain management / spinal endoscopy specialist at Lakes Surgery Center. “Demand for minimally invasive surgery has grown dramatically in recent years, and as technology advances we see improvement in patient outcomes. We recognise the tremendous potential of Renaissance; it is the next step in the evolution of incorporating state-of-the-art technology for better patient care. Mazor Robotics’ technology will take these procedures to the next level by providing a safer and more accurate way to enter the surgical site, reduce intra-operative radiation, shorten procedure time, and reduce complications.”

“This purchase agreement with NSH Michigan, Inc. is strategically important for Mazor Robotics as it significantly expands our market opportunity to include ambulatory surgery centres in the USA,” said Ori Hadomi, CEO of Mazor Robotics. “We are also excited about the clinical opportunity this represents, as many more patients will now have access to such minimally invasive procedures.”