Market launch of three new X-spine spinal implant systems


X-spine has launched three recently US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared spinal implant systems. The systems are the IRIX-C cervical integrated interbody fusion system, the AXLE-X extended angle interspinous fixation system and the SILEX sacroiliac joint fusion system.

IRIX-C represents, according to the company, the latest generation of X-spine cervical fixation technology. The implanted device lies completely within the disk space, with zero-impingement on adjacent structures. Incorporating biomaterials and manufacturing processes, the device combines a polymer body, titanium plasma coating of bone-apposing surfaces, and integrated variable-angle screw fixation. Additionally, IRIX-C represents the first in a forthcoming family of IRIX integrated interbody devices currently being developed by X-spine.

AXLE-X is the newest addition to X-spine’s line of AXLE interspinous fixation and fusion devices. Utilising a bevel-angle plate design and novel unidirectional tooth pattern, AXLE-X demonstrates pull-off in laboratory studies simulating fixation at the laminar-spinous junction.

SILEX is X-spine’s novel sacroiliac fusion device. By utilising a combination of unidirectional compression threading, titanium coating, and internal fusion chamber, SILEX provides excellent biomechanics for sacroiliac fusion procedures, it states in a company release.

X-spine will be exhibiting the new IRIX-C, AXLE-X and SILEX systems, along with its complete line of spinal devices, at the North American Spine Society Meeting in New Orleans, USA, (9–11 October).