K2M announces completion of first surgery using Capri corpectomy cage system


K2M has announced the completion of the first surgical case using the Capri corpectomy cage system, an expandable vertebral body replacement device that provides structural stability following a corpectomy or vertebrectomy.

The first surgical case was performed by Stefano Boriani at Rizzoli Hospital in Bologna, Italy. “Due to this unique design and functionality, I was able to adjust the cage in-situ to engage the patient’s inferior and superior vertebral body endplates. I am very pleased with the design, functionality and ease of use,” says Boriani.

The Capri system is intended for use in the thoracolumbar spine (T1 to L5) to replace collapsed, damaged or unstable vertebral bodies due to tumor or trauma. The system is designed to provide anterior spinal column support even in the absence of fusion for a prolonged period.

Capri cages, manufactured from titanium and cobalt chrome, are offered in a variety of interchangeable footprint options, allowing for in-situ height expansion and endplate angulation to match the patient’s anatomy. Additionally, the device may be implanted through an anterior, lateral or posterior approach.