Invivo Therapeutics’ Neuro-spinal scaffold case report published


A case report detailing the first clinical Invivo Therapeutics’ Neuro-spinal scaffold implantation has been published in Neurosurgery.

Nicholas Theodore is the lead author of the article, which describes the clinical presentation, surgical procedure, and postoperative improvement of the first patient in the INSPIRE study through the patient’s six-month follow-up.

Theodore says, “I am gratified that the case report detailing the safety and feasibility of the implantation of the neuro-spinal scaffold was published in a distinguished journal. The patient’s improvement to date has been notable and provides the basis for my continued enthusiasm for the INSPIRE study.”

Mark Perrin, InVivo’s chief executive officer and chairman, says, “We have been steadily increasing awareness in the neurosurgical community and look forward to additional publications on the INSPIRE study.”