Highlights of 1st International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery


See the highlights from the 1st International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery as we prepare for the 2nd conference on 16-17 September in Hamburg, Germany.

Sacroiliac Medical Expert Group (SIMEG) e.V., based in the Cologne area/Germany announce their 2nd annual meeting on September 16th/17th in Hamburg, Germany. Due to the fact that more and more companies introduce new surgical techniques and medical devices for treating the SIJ there is a great risk that too many patients with SIJ problems will be operated for no reason. Although implant systems are FDA and CE certified, can spinal implant test protocols be applied at all? Shouldn’t special protocols  be developed for these systems and how can we compare them clinically? These simple questions show that the quest for the ‘gold standard’ has just started.

We are proud to welcome 25 internationally well acknowledged experts to guide us through this convention. Dedicated to serious research all discussions – though controversial – aim to find a consensus for the most important questions: pain generators, indication, clinical studies, patient work up, postoperative treatment, healing challenges.

Leading suppliers of SIJ fusion systems will present their technology and share their clinical results, complication and revision challenges to a dedicated international audience of more than 100 surgeons, researchers and physiotherapists.

Finally we are happy to announce the confirmation of the Medical Association of Hamburg/Germany to award the conference with 20 CME credits. This is more than we expected and acknowledges the importance of this topic and the outstanding scientific concept of this meeting! Don’t miss it!