First US patient treated with the Star ablation system for spinal tumours


Dfine has announced that the first US patient was successfully treated using Star (Spinal tumor ablation with radiofrequency) system. The FDA-commercially cleared, percutaneous targeted radiofrequency ablation (t-RFA) device delivers energy directly into a metastatic vertebral body tumor to heat and destroy tumor cells and provide palliative pain relief.

The first procedure marks the initial rollout of the Star system, which will initially be available at a limited number of centres throughout the USA, with full commercial availability expected in autumn 2012.

“This therapy has made a world of difference for our patient,” said Douglas Coldwell, director of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, University of Louisville Hospital/James Graham Brown Cancer Center, who performed the first procedure. “Shortly after the treatment, the patient’s mobility improved, and just hours after the outpatient procedure, his pain was significantly reduced. Due to this treatment, he will be more comfortable with additional therapy for his primary cancer. The targeted delivery of radiofrequency energy has the potential to provide the fastest relief from painful metastatic spine tumors. We are pleased to be the first US centre to offer this revolutionary therapy.”

“This is an exciting development that will offer physicians new, targeted options when treating patients suffering from the debilitating effects of spinal tumors,” said Virginia Kaklamani,  director of Translational Breast Cancer Research and co-director of the Cancer Genetics Program at Northwestern University.