First spinal fusion surgery performed with “one-step” pedicle screw implantation using SpineGuard Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology


The world’s first spinal fusion surgery performed with the one-step-insertion of pedicle “smart-screws”, guided by SpineGuard’s Dynamic Surgical Guidance (DSG) technology has taken place at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Bicêtre Paris-Sud in France. 


This surgery involves the implantation of pedicle screws integrating DSG into the vertebrae in one step, rather than the three steps usually required for screw insertion. DSG technology is embedded into the pedicle screws, which is designed to allow for this streamlined process. According to SpineGuard, this should save operative time and reduce radiation exposure, while keeping a high level of safety during screw placement. 


According to a press release, the surgery was successfully performed by Charles Court and his team. This surgery is also due to be performed in Marseille, France by Tropiano, and by Bolger in Ireland in the coming days. This first surgery has been made possible by the co-development partnership of SpineGuard and Neuro France Implants, according to the companies, and comes in preparation for the commercial launch f the G2S pedicle screw instrumentation, which integrates the DSG technology.

“The direct insertion of pedicle screws along with real-time x-ray-free feedback represents a key step for spine surgery. This first case gave me a glimpse of the great potential of this innovation in terms of safety and precision. A multi-centric study will allow us to substantiate it,” says Charles Court, orthopaedic surgeon at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Bicêtre Paris-Sud, Paris, France.

Pierre Jérôme, CEO and co-founder of SpineGuard, says, “This pioneering surgery validates the clinical utility of embedding our DSG technology into the vertebral implant itself, thus enabling its insertion without any preliminary step.”

Patrice Moreau, CEO and co-founder of Neuro France, adds, “This first direct insertion of our G2S pedicle screws integrating the DSG technology is a real success.”