First international conference on PEEK research


According to an Invibio press release, the first international meeting on PEEK material (25-26 April, Philadelphia, USA) will provide a global forum for medical device designers, material scientists and clinicians to discuss the latest information on advancements in medical grade PEEK technology and clinical application.

The press release reported that podium and poster presentations will cover a wide range of PEEK topics including: properties, test methods and processing; biocompatibility; wear properties; modifications that alter cellular reactions; biomechanical performance of devices; and clinical performance and retrieval studies of PEEK based implants. 

More than 35 abstracts that cover applications as diverse as posterior spinal rods, self-tapping suture anchors, joint replacement bearing surfaces and patient specific craniomaxilofacial implants were accepted for inclusion in the conference programme.

This inaugural meeting is organised by the Implant Research Center at Drexel University and the engineering and scientific consulting firm Exponent and supported by Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, which produces 
PEEK-based biomaterials to the medical device industry.

Invibio has been involved in many of the research projects that will be presented at the PEEK International Meeting, through collaborations with industry and academia.  John Devine, the marketing and technology director at Invibio comments “Sponsoring the International PEEK Meeting not only gives researchers and industry a forum for sharing and discussing their research, but also gives our customers a better understanding about how new PEEK-based compounds and processing techniques can be exploited to improve upon today’s medical implants and practical advice for getting those new devices to market faster.”

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