First Annual Value in Healthcare Forum to be held in New York


BroadWater has announced today that the first Annual Value in Healthcare Forum will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel, in New York, USA, on 6 November. Spinal surgeon Todd Albert (surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director, Hospital for Special Surgery) will be hosting the event alongside Steve Ondra (senior VP and CMO, Health Care Service Corp). The Forum will bring together leaders representing all major stakeholders in healthcare, including: patients, providers, payers, the US Government, and device manufacturers.

The programme will facilitate debate of how the value-paradigm will transform healthcare, and will seek to reach across traditional divides to find ways to improve the healthcare system.

Among the numerous luminaries who will be speaking, the Keynote Lecture will be given by Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, (professor, Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science)—Teisberg is the co-author, with Michael Porter, of the ground-breaking book, Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results.

Faculty member, Hal Mathews (executive VP & CMO – Paradigm Spine, LLC), comments: “The pace of change within healthcare is accelerating, but at this point the major players are not aligned around consumer driven healthcare, with value as the new currency. The Forum is a great opportunity for senior healthcare executives and physicians to engage with how we can increase value within our healthcare system.”


The Forum is targeted at physicians and senior executives from across healthcare. For more information, see: