EOS imaging announces corporate agreement with German Schön Kliniken Hospital Network

EOS imaging system
EOS imaging system

EOS imaging has announced a corporate agreement with the Schön Kliniken Hospital Network to supply EOS systems. Two EOS units have already been acquired by sites within the Schön Klinik network earlier this year.

There are 17 Schön Kliniken hospitals in Germany, employing more than 9,400 people who treat more than 100,000 patients each year. According to a press release, it is one of the largest owner-managed clinic groups in the German market and specialises in orthopaedics (back, spine, bones and joints), neurology (brain and nerves) and paediatric care. Two EOS platforms we

re acquired earlier this year by the network, and the first will be installed in the Munich Harlaching Clinic. The network also expects to open a site in London, UK, in the near future. The Schön Kliniken Corporate agreement is the first of its kind for EOS imaging in Germany.

Carla Naumann, member of the Board of Schön Kliniken, says, “We decided to invest in the EOS technology because we believe the accurate and holistic measurements of spine problems, especially scoliosis, will improve the clinical outcomes for our patients. The 3D models, automatically calculated clinical parameters, and new suite of 3D surgical planning solutions that EOS offers are all part of our shared vision for improving the treatment of our orthopaedic patients. Particularly for our young patients that often require regular imaging monitoring and follow up, we value the reduced radiation that EOS offers.”