Zyga Technology receives CE mark approval for Glyder Facet Restoration Device


Zyga Technology has announced CE mark approval of the Glyder Facet Restoration Device, offering patients a long-term surgical treatment for low back pain caused by facet joint degeneration.

“Zyga Technology is committed to providing clinically meaningful and economically viable solutions for underserved conditions of the spine,” says Jim Bullock, president and chief executive officer of Zyga Technology. “The Glyder device fills a gap in the current care continuum between short-term treatments such as injections and irreversible procedures such as lumbar fusion, which requires advanced degeneration and comorbidities such as intervertebral disc disease or radiculopathy.”

The origin of chronic low back pain can be traced to the facet joints in approximately 31% of cases. In the U.S. alone, over 3.2 million facet joint interventions are performed each year. For many patients, conservative treatments such as steroid injections and nerve ablation resolve pain at least in the short-term. When these treatments fail, however, there has not been a viable treatment to address the condition.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the Glyder Facet Restoration technology to patients suffering from symptomatic facet degeneration,” comments Hans-Joerg Meisel, director of neurosurgery at Berufsgenossenschaftliche Clinic Bergmannstrost in Halle, Germany. “Our results in the Glyder clinical study demonstrated the potential long term benefits of this new technology. Now we can provide a minimally invasive solution that relieves pain without the need for lumbar fusion.”