Zyga Technology announces first Glyder device implantation and clinical study data


Zyga Technology has completed the first Glyder Facet Restoration Device commercial surgery. The company also announced the publication of 12-month primary outcome data from the GLISSADE study – a prospective, 40-patient trial that studied the Glyder Facet Restoration System in the treatment of chronic facetogenic pain. The data were published online in Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research.

The Glyder Facet Restoration Device is a minimally invasive solution intended to restore facet joint function in patients with chronic lumbar facetogenic pain. The surgery was performed by Hans-Joerg Meisel, director of neurosurgery at Berufsgenossenschaftliche Clinic Bergmannstrost in Halle, Germany.

“The positive clinical outcomes of the [GLISSADE] study have given us confidence to offer this unique treatment to patients suffering from facet joint-mediated low back pain,” states Meisel, who was also lead author of the GLISSADE publication.

The 12-month results of the GLISSADE study demonstrated that patients with symptomatic facet joint degeneration who received the Glyder Device experienced a 41% reduction in low back pain severity and a 34% improvement in back function compared to pre-treatment levels. Early benefits were seen six-weeks post-op and continued through 12-month follow-up.

“The Glyder device fills a significant unmet clinical need; it can provide long-term relief of facet-mediated pain for patients who do not respond to conservative pain management, but have not degenerated enough to receive fusion,” comments Luiz Pimenta, of the Instituto de Patologia de Coluna in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the first surgeon to implant the Glyder device within the study.