Zyga receives new US patent for SImmetry sacroiliac joint fusion system

Zyga SImmetry

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent relating to Zyga SImmetry’s Decorticator, an instrument which is designed to allow surgeons to prepare the sacroiliac joint for fusion by creating bleeding bone and space for autologous bone graft.

This is accomplished through a minimally-invasive, lateral approach that is intended to avoid disruption of supporting ligaments around the sacroiliac joint.

Based on two-year prospective, multicentre data from a small cohort of 19 patients,  Zyga is currently sponsoring the Evolusion study, a prospective, 40-site, 250-patient trial to evaluate long-term fusion and pain reduction in patients receiving SImmetry sacroiliac joint fusion.

According to Jim Bullock, president and chief executive officer of Zyga, seven patents have now been issued in relation to the company’s decortication and fusion system.


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