Zimmer debuts new modular external fixation system


Zimmer Holdings has announced its new, “more efficient” external fixation system for trauma patients.

Available in both small (6mm) and large (11mm) systems, the XtraFix external fixation system from Zimmer is a modular system that offers surgeons advances in design technology and materials. The XtraFix system allows surgeons to eliminate steps, as well as bars and clamps from the external fixation process, resulting in saved time, costs and overall team effort.

“The design philosophy of the XtraFix external fixation system is based on increasing efficiency above all else,” explained Nate Folkert, president, Zimmer Trauma. “Each component of the XtraFix system incorporates only the most useful features from the many different systems currently on the market and combines them into one time-saving and highly efficient device. It enables surgeons to build rigid external constructs using fewer components in less time.”

The recently released small (6mm) system gives surgeons the ability to connect small and large systems with a single clamp. This transitional feature enables surgeons to accommodate small extremity fractures in larger constructs. In addition, the XtraFix 3D bar/pin-to-bar/pin design means pins can be placed where the fracture dictates, not the fixator, and flexible configurations means constructs require fewer components.

“With superior components and highly functional design, the XtraFix external fixation system offers surgeons unsurpassed efficiency and significant flexibility when it comes to construct options and possibilities,” added Folkert.