Zimmer Biomet launches new PrimaGen advanced allograft


Zimmer Biomet has launched the PrimaGen advanced allograft. According to a press release, this autograft substitute offers the same bone-healing elements as autograft, but without the risks associated with donor site morbidity or harvest site complications. 

PrimaGen advanced allograft offers a combination of demineralised cortical bone fibres with verified osteoinductivity and cancellous bone, designed to provide a trabecular structure for natural bony in-growth with optimal handling and delivery characteristics.

Donald Kucharzyk, orthopaedic surgeon at The Orthopaedic, Pediatric and Spine Institute in Crown Point, USA, was one of the first surgeons to use the product.  “The syringe allows for easy preparation and replication of the graft consistency prior to each use,” he comments.

PrimaGen advanced allograft is designed to provide osteoconductivity, osteoinductivity and osteogenicity. The release states that advanced testing of each donor tissue has verified the following:

Cells in cancellous bone—providing an interconnected trabecular structure—remain viable post-thaw;

The graft contains at least 750,000 cells per cubic centimetre of cancellous tissue with at least 70% cell viability; and

The cells present are able to differentiate into mature osteoblasts, which is critical for new bone formation.