Zavation launches Z-Span expandable anterior and lateral lumbar plates



Z-Span Lateral Expandable Plate

Zavation Medical Products has announced the launch of both the Z-Span Expandable Anterior Lumbar Plate and the Z-Span Expandable Lateral Lumbar Plate, plates designed for use in the lumbar spine as supplemental fixation devices.

The Expandable Anterior Lumbar Plate is a low-profile plate design that provides a stable construct with the ability to expand and lock at the required length. This plate also includes a ledge feature which provides guidance to properly position and expand the plate on the vertebral body.

Top view of Z-Span Anterior Expandable Lumbar Plate

The new Z-Span plates outperformed the predicates in regard to standard ASTM mechanical testing.

Eric Graham, a spine surgeon at Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists (Biloxi, USA), said: “This design eliminates the frustration of trying several plates in an effort to best match each patient’s anatomy. This equates to a more efficient surgery.”

The Zavation Z-Span Plate System is intended for use via the lateral or anterolateral surgical approach above the bifurcation of the great vessels in the treatment of the lumbar spine (L1-L5) or via the anterior approach below the bifurcation of the great vessels in the treatment of the lumbar and lumbosacral spine (L1-S1). The Z-Span Plate System is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization as an adjunct to fusion in skeletally mature patients.


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