Xtant Medical enters into licensing agreement for Site Medical’s OsteoSync Ti technology


Xtant Medical Holdings has entered into a licensing agreement with Sites Medical, for utilisation of their proprietary OsteoSync Ti technology, a best-in-class porous titanium scaffold.

OsteoSync Ti technology is a highly porous titanium scaffold. Its high friction coefficient is intended to ensure high initial implant stability and its open pore geometry and micro-texturing facilitate superior bone ingrowth.

According to a press release, preclinical testing has demonstrated bone attachment strength nearly twice that of titanium plasma spray and approximately seven times that of PEEK material at the five-week follow up period, a performance differential that can impact clinical outcomes, especially in spinal fusion patients. OsteoSync Ti technology has also been engineered to reduce the potential for abrasion debris generation during implant insertion, offering an additional measure of safety for the patient.