Xenco Medical launches Multilevel CerviKit

Multilevel CerviKit (Xenco Medical)

Xenco Medical has expanded its ambulatory surgery centre (ASC) surgical device portfolio through US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance and launch of its Multilevel CerviKit—a suite of implants and single-use instruments for two, three, and four level anterior cervical spine procedures.

Optimised for the ASC setting, the Multilevel CerviKit builds on Xenco Medical’s existing portfolio of disposable spinal implant and instrument platforms included in its ASC CerviKit and adds to its portfolio of single-use lumbar surgical devices.

The cervical plating options included in the Multilevel CerviKit feature a thin profile, an intuitive locking mechanism, and a dual textured surface for fixation. The surgical platform is a sterile-packaged, single-use system designed to enhance intraoperative efficiency.

The highly reinforced, composite polymer instruments included with each of Xenco Medical’s multilevel anterior cervical plates allow for both consistent mechanical performance and the elimination of the costly logistics associated with the autoclave process, say the company. The Multilevel CerviKit is designed to strengthen an ASC’s ability to overcome sterilisation bottlenecks while providing optimal care.

Jason Haider, Medical founder and CEO of Xenco, said: “As COVID-19 spurred increased demand for sterile-packaged, single-use spinal platforms and accelerated growth in the volume of outpatient cervical spine procedures, we have bolstered our commitment to expanding access to safer, streamlined surgical procedures through the launch of our single-use Multilevel CerviKit.”

The disposable Xenco Medical spinal implant systems are calibrated and sterile-packaged for individual use.


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