X-spine announces launch of Axograft biologics portfolio


X-spine has announced the addition of a broad line of biologics to its product portfolio. The initial launch of biologics includes Axograft DBM putty, Axograft cancellous crushed allograft, Axograft crunch allograft and Axograft amniotic membrane. The company says that the new biological line will complement its comprehensive line of spinal fixation products.

According to a press release, the Axograft products will be used to promote spinal fusion, bone healing and wound treatment in spinal arthrodesis procedures.

“We are excited to expand our spinal treatment portfolio with the addition of the X-spine Axograft line of biologics. This launch exemplifies our continuing strategy to extend the X-spine footprint beyond our fixation products, and incorporate a broader view of the treatment of spine disease into biological and interventional arenas,” states X-spine’s chief executive officer David Kirschman.

Axograft joins X-spine’s growing portfolio of spinal implant products, which includes the Spider cervical plating system, the Silex sacroiliac fusion system, the Irix-C cervical integrated fusion system, Xpress minimally invasive pedicle screw system, Zyfix facet fusion system, and the Axle and Axle-X interspinous fusion systems among others.