X-spine announces exclusive license with Gamma Spine for minimally-invasive spinal technology


X-spine Systems has announced that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Gamma Spine for the development and distribution of its minimally invasive spinal fixation technology.

Gamma Spine, founded by Vijay Goel, will participate in the development process with X-spine. “I am thrilled to be working with Goel, who is one of the world’s most renowned and published experts in spinal biomechanics, to develop this unique and valuable technology,” said David Kirschman, president and CEO of X-spine. The patent-pending device allows for the fixation of adjacent vertebral segments with minimal tissue disruption while attaining the biomechanical advantages of a traditional full-exposure system.

“X-spine is the ideal partner to bring this technology to the worldwide marketplace; the company has an excellent track record of bringing innovative technology to fruition through its top-down emphasis on engineering, research, and development,” said Goel. In addition to his duties as principal of Gamma Spine, Goel is the Endowed Chair and McMaster-Gardner professor of orthopaedic bioengineering at the University of Toledo, Ohio.

By entering into this license agreement, X-spine furthers its strategy to address the continuing market trend towards smaller, cost-effective procedures in spinal surgery. “Surgeons are demanding procedure options which are less invasive for patients, less costly for payers, which also maintain the ease, safety and efficacy of traditional full-exposure procedures,” said Kirschman. “We feel that the Gamma technology effectively addresses that demand.”