Whale Imaging receives US FDA approval for G-arm B6 Duo

Wale Imaging’s G arm B6 Duo

Whale Imaging has received US Food and Drug Administration FDA 510(k) clearance for its G-Arm B6 Duo. The B6 Duo is the next generation of the G-arm with major improvements including axial tilt and greater table access.

According to a press release, the new G-arm is designed to offer improved accuracy while reducing time, infection and radiation. The system should be compatible with all surgical tables, and offers newly added features, including axial tilt. Whale’s ability to fire two x-ray beams is designed to asynchronously provide the customer with bi-lateral video and images, giving a more comprehensive picture than a traditional C-arm.

The G-arm utilises this “X-Beam” technology, as well as iC-Clear algorithms to provide the best image possible, using the smallest dose of radiation, according to the release.