Wenzel Spine publishes positive clinical results for VariLift system


A new peer-reviewed paper has been published providing a system overview and detailing clinical results of over 700 patients treated using Wenzel Spine’s stand-alone, expandable, VariLift interbody fusion system.

The paper, published in Medical Devices: Research and Evidence, provides an in-depth analysis of the VariLift system’s design rational, functionality, and retrospective clinical results. Clinical results from 713 patients were reported from three European and two US sites. The paper states that 682 patients (96%) were treated with stand-alone use of the VariLift system.

Frank Fichtel, board-certified neurosurgeon and participating surgeon in the study, said, “This retrospective study of such a large patient population further demonstrates the long-term effectiveness of stand-alone interbody fusion using the VariLift system and the ability to obtain excellent clinical outcomes across multiple sites and countries.”

A Wenzel Spine press release states that “As the only expandable interbody fusion device on the market with FDA clearance for stand-alone use, VariLift offers a unique solution for both lumbar and cervical interbody fusion procedures.”

Chad Neely, chief executive officer for Wenzel Spine, commented, “This clinical summary further demonstrates the long-term clinical effectiveness of stand-alone interbody fusion using our proprietary expandable interbody fusion technology.”

Wenzel Spine’s cervical and lumbar VariLift stand-alone expandable interbody fusion systems are currently commercially available in the USA and Europe.