VUZE Medical secures new global patents

VUZE system

VUZE Medical has received additional patents for its VUZE system in the US, Europe and China. Using proprietary image processing, the VUZE system is a software-only solution that overlays a graphical representation of tools seen in intra-operative 2D images onto axial and sagittal views generated from the patient’s standard pre-operative 3D scan.

Chinese patent number 109195527B and European patent number 3429475 follow previously issued US patent number 10716631 in describing the core workflow of the VUZE system. In addition, US patent number 11224483 describes a unique form of 2D-3D image co-registration via machine learning in which the learning phase is performed solely upon the 3D scan of the same patient of whom 2D images are later acquired.

David Tolkowsky, CEO of VUZE Medical, said: “These new patents further establish our intellectual property as one of the unique strengths of the VUZE solution. We believe that our continued commitment to investing in intellectual property will translate in the near future into further patents granted worldwide.”

The VUZE system—which received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance in January this year— is designed for use during common spinal stabilisation surgeries that are performed in outpatient or ambulatory settings and are currently aided solely by X-ray. The system uses no sensors, cameras or reference arrays whatsoever, nor does it require any calibrations or lines of sight. It can be used with standard surgical tools and implants with no tool add-ons or modifications.


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