Viseon announces commercial rollout, initial clinical use of 4K MaxView system

MaxView 4K imager camera

Viseon has announced the US commercial rollout and initial clinical use of a “first-of-its-kind” 4K advanced visualisation system for minimally invasive spine surgery. The Viseon MaxView 4K system involves no capital equipment expense and occupies no operating room footprint, as per a Viseon press release.

The 4K system is comprised of a single-use sterile 4K imaging camera and a reusable, non-sterile 4K image control box, enabling a true 4K experience on a 4K operating room (OR) monitor for the entire OR team to observe.

As a 4K digital platform, it is also capable of real-time procedural video recording and still image capture, enabling surgeons to develop a digital content database for teaching, presentations, publications, patient case review and further analysis with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms toward advanced procedural planning and optimised patient outcomes.

According to Viseon, the MaxView 4K system is compatible with all the major, currently marketed lateral access retractors and is ‘implant agnostic’.

The initial case series with the Viseon MaxView 4K system was performed by orthopaedic surgeons Rajiv Sethi and Philip Louie at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, USA; orthopaedic surgeon Samuel Joseph at HCA South Tampa Hospital in Tampa, USA; and neurosurgeon Alfred Ogden at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, USA.

Commenting on his MaxView 4K clinical experience, Sethi said: “This MaxView 4K is a game-changer, a significant improvement from the prior HD [high-definition] system. I was able to perform a complex procedure in an ergonomically neutral position with an excellent 4K resolution video image that gave me a crisp and very detailed view of anatomy, including microvasculature otherwise only visualised with a surgical microscope. The entire OR team including spine fellows were also able to observe my every move, enabling enhanced procedural efficiency and patient safety.”

“I have used the Viseon MaxView 4K system in-hospital and in our outpatient ASC [ambulatory surgery centre] for a variety of procedures, including decompressions,” Louie added. “This is a major step forward enabling cases to be performed where large, expensive capital equipment is not economically or practically available.”

“Using Viseon’s MaxView 4K system, I was able to visualise down the surgical corridor with great clarity and resolution, spotting an undetected nerve root running across the disc space, preventing a possible neurological injury,” commented Joseph. “Without MaxView 4K, I may have not seen this critical anatomy.”

“The MaxView 4K experience rivalled the use of the surgical microscope, and I was able to seamlessly record the case for future reference and teaching,” said Ogden. “I look forward to the company expanding [its] 4K platform from the current lumbar lateral access to posterior and anterior lumbar and cervical later this year.”


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