Vidacare Corporation introduces new accessory tray for access and biopsy of bone lesions


Vidacare Corporation’s OnControl Bone Access System has developed a new extension of its technology platform.  The OnControl Bone Access System Coaxial Biopsy Tray for powered bone biopsy provides a tool for clinicians to access hard bones and perform biopsies of bone lesions using the company’s innovative power-driver and specially engineered needle

Vidacare’s OnControl System received an expanded indication from the FDA in early 2012, allowing for its use in the biopsy of vertebral bodies and bone lesions, moving the System’s applicability into a number of relevant clinical settings for interventional radiology. The system was previously indicated by the FDA for use in spinal procedures such as vertebroplasty and vertebral body biopsy.

According to a company press release, Vidacare’s new OnControl Bone Access System Coaxial Biopsy Tray combines a power driver with a specially engineered sawtooth cannula that allows for fast access to hard and/or difficult to reach bones both easily and efficiently.  Clinicians can use the Coaxial Biopsy Tray to access bone lesions and perform multiple biopsies from a single penetration of the cortex with precision and speed, enhancing both the clinician’s experience and the patient’s comfort.

Vidacare’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Mellin, commented, “With the OnControl System, clinicians will get access to bone lesions quickly and extract exceptional biopsy samples efficiently. This new coaxial tray is a standard-setting technological advance that improves both patient care and the clinician experience.”