Vexim launches Masterflow Plus low-energy osteoporotic fracture treatment in Germany

The Masterflow Plus treatment involves the use of the Masterflow (pictured here) and the Jack device (below, left)

Vexim has launched its new Masterflow Plus treatment, targeted at low-energy vertebral compression fractures (A1-type according to Magerl and AOSpine Classifications) in osteoporotic bone, in Germany.

“Masterflow Plus is designed to…offer hospitals and physicians a valid alternative to treat osteoporotic compression fractures,” says Vincent Gardès, chief executive officer of the company.

Vexim Jack device

Masterflow Plus is designed to allow a controlled cement augmentation procedure, first through vertebral body height elevation, and second by stabilising the fracture using a bone cement injection. This new system is also designed to offer the opportunity to treat multiple vertebral levels in a single surgery when combined with the Masterflow injection system. The injector Masterflow, launched in 2015, is intended to provide a controlled high-viscosity cement injection, at a safe distance from the radiation field for multi-level procedures.

Deployment of Jack device in a vertebral compression fracture

This new method, using the Jack device and Masterflow injector, offers the possibility to restore fractured vertebrae sustainably and inject high viscosity cement safely into the vertebrae,  according to a company release. The Jack device is removed and used again for a possible next level. The advantage, the release states, is controlled cavity creation and directed height restoration where needed. The surgeon should be able to control the expansion of the device.

The Masterflow Plus instrument is single-use and disposable and delivered in combination with a solid injection system that is capable of delivering high viscosity cement under complete control of flow to accommodate the surgeons in the operating room.