Valeo II fusion device launched


Amedica has announced the launch of its new silicon nitride anterior lumbar interbody fusion device—the Valeo II. It says the Valeo II provides a new design that offers enhanced bone-to-implant interface and resistance to push out when compared with competitive offerings

An Amedica press release reports that Valeo II is made out of the company’s silicon nitride biomaterial, which has been shown to help promote bone growth and also has anti-infective properties. It adds that the Valeo II device is also semi-radiolucent with clearly visible boundaries in X-rays and produces no artifacts under MRI or CT.

“Amedica is committed to delivering products that address the changing needs of spinal surgeons.  Our next generation silicon nitride anterior lumbar device provides an optimal environment for bone growth while reducing the risk for infection due to its innate anti-infective properties. These benefits have the potential to improve the efficacy of spinal fusion procedures resulting in enhanced patient care,” said Eric K Olson, president and chief executive officer, Amedica.

The Valeo II is indicated for intervertebral body fusion of the spine in skeletally mature patients and is designed for use with autograft to facilitate fusion.