USPTO grants VTI patent for InterCushion modular motion preservation implant


VTI has been granted a new patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. This patent relates to the company’s modular in vivo assembly technology and its motion preservation, InterCushion pipeline product. VTI now has over 25 patents and patent pending assets in its global intellectual property portfolio.

VTI’s InterCushion lumbar spine motion preservation product has been successful in reducing pain, preserving disc, and halting modic changes in clinical trials in Canada. Currently, several patients are at or near five years’ post-implantation with continued clinically successful outcomes.

Philip de Muelenaere, an orthopaedic surgeon based in Brandon, Canada, states, “The potential value of an intervertebral nucleus replacement is linked to decreased future deterioration of the spinal motion segment. By maintaining disc height, the motion is maintained, stability is regained and long term collapse prevented. This protects the patency of the foramina, and decreases facet arthrosis which, apart from being a pain generator, will compromise the exiting nerve root. The five-year follow-up magnetic resonance  study proves that the prosthesis had maintained its position, maintained the disc height and kept the patients pain free.”