US Spine Launches Javelin MIS locking facet system


US Spine(R) has just announced launching the Javelin MIS locking facet system, designed to stabilise the lumbar spine by locking the facet joints through a minimally invasive incision.

This technology enables surgeons to fixate the facet joints without needing to perform an open procedure that usually requires larger, more invasive implants, such as pedicle screws and rods. Javelin marks the second product in US Spine’s facet fixation platform, with additional systems in development for release in 2010.

Javelin provides surgeons with a minimally invasive facet fixation system composed of a cannulated, partially threaded facet screw and a unique, interlocking washer. The implants can be inserted over a guidewire through a stab wound incision or via an open approach using direct visualisation. Javelin’s locking washer prevents the screw from rotating after it has been implanted, and helps distribute loads to prevent counter-sinking.

Javelin was designed to complement minimally invasive anterior fusion procedures, such as lateral, axial and anterior interbody fusions. These procedures use minimally invasive approaches to restore the intervertebral space, but often require supplemental posterior stabilisation. Javelin provides this, without compromising the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. Comparative biomechanical testing proved Javelin to have nearly twice the pullout strength of competitive systems.

The new Javelin technology, along with other recent product offerings from US Spine, including the Phantom Plus and Facet Gun MAX will all be on display and available for hands-on demonstrations at this year’s North American Spine Society Meeting in San Francisco, California next month, says a company release.