US patent for Pediguard pedicle screw


SpineGuard has announced it has received a US patent for the integration of its Pediguard sensor technology directly onto the tip of a pedicle screw. According to a company press release, the sensor of the Pediguard technology is embedded in the implantable pedicle screw itself and the electronic is located in the screwdriver handle.

The press release reported that the Pediguard screw is one of the latest innovations from SpineGuard, which is commercialising “Classic”, “Curved”, and “Cannulated” Pediguard—all being FDA-cleared and CE-marked, single-use drilling instruments to secure the pilot hole in which to place a pedicle screw.

Stéphane Bette, CTO and co-founder of SpineGuard, said: “This patented design allows for appealing benefits: surgical work flow with time savings and ultimate assurance about the correct placement of the pedicle screw.”

“There is a well-documented safety issue associated with pedicle screw placement and a striking need for differentiation among the existing 200 or so pedicle screw systems in an ultra-competitive arena. The Pediguard screw is a potentially game-changing technology in a global annual market of one million pedicle screw-based procedures,” added Pierre Jérôme, chief executive officer and the other co-founder of SpineGuard.