SeaSpine launches Mariner posterior fixation system


SeaSpine has announced the full commercial launch of the company’s Mariner posterior fixation system.

Mariner is a pedicle-based system featuring modular screw technology and accompanying instrumentation. Designed to reduce the number of trays needed for surgery, the system is intended to provide surgeons with multiple intra-operative options to facilitate posterior lumbar fixation.

Mariner offers a variety of instrument and implant solutions for degenerative and complex spine pathologies, including choices in rod diameter, rod material, construct configuration, and deformity correction techniques. According to a company release, key features of the system include in situ modularity, motion-limiting heads, and rod versatility with both 5.5mm and 6mm offerings.

“In today’s hospital environment, the key is to have as many options as you can for your patient without overburdening your staff,” states orthopaedic surgeon Douglas Orndorff (Durango, USA).

Warren Yu, director of Spine Surgery at George Washington Hospital (Washington, DC, USA) comments, “Mariner’s state-of-the-art instrumentation and modular screw design provide me with the broad selection of implant configurations that I need to address the challenging patient anatomy I see in my adult spine practice—from basic degenerative to complex deformity cases.”


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