Updated design of Interventional Spine’s Opticage receives FDA clearance


Interventional Spine’s Opticage expandable interbody fusion device has received FDA clearance, according to a press release. This system is designed to be an enhancement of the original Opticage system, which was introduced in 2012.

According to Interventional Spine, the Opticage has a similar tactile feel, the capacity for continual adjustability and reversible height, and an equivalent graft contact and containment to the original device.

This next generation product is also designed to better deliver graft material through the implant after expansion, and has a more streamlined profile compared to the original implant. Interventional Spine claims that this improves the ergonomics of the device. The Company has multiple issued and pending patents on the Opticage design and methods of use.

Interventional Spine plans to provide several common sizes with the new advanced design device in sterile packages, with the intention of providing a full line offering of sizes and addressing all of the commonly used surgical approaches to spinal fusion.  Since market release in mid-2012, there have been close to 2,000 implants worldwide of the original Opticage. 

Interventional Spine expects to begin shipping this new Opticage in January 2016.