United Spinal Association announces new appointments to its board of directors


United Spinal Association has appointed five new members to its board of directors for the new fiscal year: Attorney Felecia Woolens, SUNY Stony Brook professor Brooke Ellison, career disability advocate Monica Wiley, Intel designer and researcher Pete Denman, and healthcare professional Afsar Shamsi.

Vincenzo Piscopo, United Spinal’s president and CEO, said: “United Spinal wholeheartedly welcomes the five new members of our board of directors, who embody the marriage of social change and innovation that is at the heart of all of our current efforts.

“People with disabilities having a voice and blazing a trail in technology, the rise of a younger generation of disability leaders, and a fresh take on advocacy are the defining characteristics of this new, diverse cohort of board members. As we seek a new strategic orientation, I could not have asked for a better group of people to join us.”


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