Ulrich medical USA announces first percutaneous spine case for Momentum minimally invasive surgery system

Momentum MIS system (ulrich medical USA)

Ulrich medical USA has announced the successful completion of the first case for the Momentum minimally invasive surgery (MIS) system which, according to the company, is designed to be a versatile, streamlined, intuitive and comprehensive tab-based system with extended 13.6mm diameter screw tabs and removable rings for reinforced support.

The system features integrated rod reduction, streamlined sets and shares the benefits of the successful Momentum posterior fixation platform that includes conical screws with cannulated, fenestrated screw options, say ulrich medical USA.

Neurosurgeon Grant Buttram (Raleigh, USA), said: “Momentum MIS performs precisely as a minimally invasive system should. It is low profile, yet solidly designed, intuitive with a focus on patient safety, and will be facile to even those new to MIS surgery. Allowing surgeons to achieve strong fixation through the most minimal of incisions, it is a true pleasure to use.”

Eric Lucas, vice president of ulrich medical USA, added: “Ulrich is well known as a pioneer and global leader in developing and commercialising vertebral body replacement devices. In recent years, we are gaining success and popularity with our full spine portfolio. We are now excited that the introduction of Momentum MIS significantly broadens our ability to serve patients and positions ulrich as a true surgical solutions enterprise.”


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