Two studies report significantly fewer complications for MIS surgery with Mazor’s Renaissance

Mazor Robotics' Renaissance
Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance

Data from two studies have demonstrated significant clinical benefits associated with the Mazor Robotics Renaissance surgical guidance technological platform. The data was presented during the 23rd International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques annual meeting in Washington, D.C, USA (IMAST: 13-16 July 2016).

The first study showed that the use of robotic guidance in minimally invasive approaches can significantly reduce surgical complications and revision surgeries when compared to fluoro-guided minimally invasive surgery. The study revealed a three-fold higher rate of complications in both the freehand minimally invasive and freehand open cases, compared to the Renaissance-guided cases. The revision rate was 3.8-times higher in the freehand minimally invasive cases than in the Renaissance minimally invasive cases. All the results were statistically significant.

Preliminary results from a second study—an ongoing, prospective, controlled, multicentre study—showed that use of Mazor Robotics surgical guidance in minimally invasive surgery significantly reduced complication and revision rates compared to freehand minimally invasive cases.

“Both presented studies demonstrate a significant improvement in patient outcomes when Renaissance-guidance is utilised by surgeons. Jointly, the large retrospective data-set corroborates the preliminary findings of the prospective, controlled study…” says Thomas Sweeney of the Southeast Spine Center in Sarasota, USA—one of the lead investigators of the retrospective study.