TranS1 launches Capital bone graft harvester

Trans1 Capital

TranS1 has announced the release of the Capital bone graft harvester, a new device designed to allow for fast, reliable, and reproducible harvesting of autograft material from the iliac crest.

“Cancellous bone from the iliac crest is the gold standard for fusion,” says Jeff Schell, president and chief executive officer of TranS1. “The Capital bone graft harvester is intended to solve the deficiencies with traditional iliac crest harvesting approaches, and provide surgeons a reproducible minimally invasive autograft solution for use in spine procedures.”

Unlike the traditional open approach, the device is designed to allow access to the iliac crest with a one centimetre tissue-access dilator. All grafting is then performed through that opening. The construction of the instrumentation uses ridges within the tube internal diameter. Shaft fenestration is intended to facilitate bone drilling and capture while providing ease of autograft ejection. The device also extracts the graft dowel while shielding surrounding tissue.

The iliac crest is targeted using a true anterior posterior fluoroscopic image. Based on surgeon preference, the iliac crest may be accessed from a lateral or prone patient position. The result, a press release states, is a natural sample of the patients’ own bone that can be used in a fusion surgery and that contains osteoinductive, osteoconductive, and osteogenic properties.