Surgeon performs first Renaissance spine surgery with full integration of intraoperative imaging system


Dimitry Dzukaev performed a series of 10 successful spine procedures utilising Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System with full integration of an intraoperative imaging system in Moscow, Russia at City Clinical Hospital. The CT scanner (Neurologica’s Body Tom) images were uploaded directly to Renaissance’s 3D software in the operating room and the procedures were completed without the use of any fluoroscopy.

“Renaissance’s ability to integrate with intraoperative imaging will allow me to improve efficiency in the operating room with the comfort of consistent accuracy that the technology provides,” says Dzukaev in Moscow.

“While continuously working with our customers, we identified a need to allow integration between the Renaissance system and intraoperative imaging platforms,” says Mazor Robotics chief executive officer Ori Hadomi. “We are committed to continually improving and advancing the Renaissance technology for our surgeons.”

To date, Mazor Robotics Renaissance guidance system has been used to place over 45,000 implants in thousands of spine procedures worldwide, ranging from minimally-invasive one-level fusions to complex deformity reconstructions. Published clinical papers have shown increased accuracy rates with Mazor Robotics technology, including a study in European Spine Journal reporting 98.9% accuracy when implanting pedicle screws using the Renaissance system in a study group of 101 consecutive cases.